Holiday gifts for the whole family

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Holiday gifts for the whole family

Ava Manelis, Staff Writer

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Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be stressful. Luckily, The Forest Scout has your back.

Gifts for Mom

  • Bath products

Whether it be bath bombs, bubble bath, or even her favorite shampoo/conditioner, bath products are affordable and great gifts for your mom this Christmas. You can find some awesome products on Amazon, Bath and Body Works, or Lush.

  • Gift card for a massage

Every mom could definitely use a massage, especially around this stressful holiday season, so why not give her the perfect present to treat herself this busy time of year! Here are two local massage places- Lake Bluff Massage Therapy (LB) and Massage Envy (Vernon Hills.)

  • Tempur Pedic pillow

The Tempur Pedic Pillow is something your mom would definitely appreciate for a gift. This specialized pillow supports your head, neck and shoulders with therapeutic support and is something your mom would love. Check out all Tempur Pedic pillows here.

  • Fitbit

Although a bit on the pricier side, a fitbit is the perfect gift for a mom who is always on her feet. It a physical activity tracker to help you be active, eat a well-rounded diet, sleep better, and more. Chip in with siblings to buy this present for your mom this Christmas- you can buy all types of fitbits here.

Gifts for Dad

  • His favorite book/movie/CD

Get your dad his favorite book in hardcover or a copy of his favorite movie/CD! This is an affordable and thoughtful present for your dad, and something he will be sure to use and enjoy. If you’re not sure of what your dad’s favorites could be, here’s a list of some Dads favorite movies and books.

  • Ties

Ties are something that any father will use at one point in their life, so why not get them some for a gift! There are so many ties out there, from funny ones to classy ones, and you will definitely be able to find one to suit your dad! Find some ties at these popular websites- The Tie Bar or J-Crew

  • Record Player/Records

This is the perfect gift for a dad who loves to listen to music or who wants to relive his teenage years. Buy a few records to go along with it, or just the player itself! Find a whole bunch of record players for a variety of prices on Amazon.

  • 23 and Me

This at-home saliva kit takes your DNA and then tells you about your ancestry and genes. You first order the saliva collection kit, spit into the tube and mail it back in the prepaid package, and then discover your DNA reports in 6-8 weeks. This is the perfect gift for almost any curious person in your family, but something your dad will be sure to enjoy. Order it here.

Gifts for Sister

  • Bath products

Not only will your mom enjoy bath products for Christmas, but your sister definitely will too! From bath bombs to candles to essential oil diffusers, there are so many affordable bath products your sister will be sure to love. Find some at Amazon, Lush, and Bath and Body Works.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry is a gift that you can never go wrong with getting someone- especially your sister. There are tons of different kinds of jewelry, from personalized necklaces to bracelets, on so many different websites. Find something your sister would like on these links- Necklaces, Bracelets, or Etsy.

  • Concert tickets to favorite artist

This gift will definitely be one to put a smile on your sister’s face, because who doesn’t love seeing their favorite artist in person! This thoughtful gift can be affordable, too, if you buy from websites like Seat Geek or Stub Hub.

  • Hair straightening brush or Air Curler

These two hair items take doing your hair to a new level, with super convenient ways to straighten and curl your hair. Your sister will definitely appreciate these fun hair items, and they can be bought here and here.

Gifts for Brother

  • Gift card to fav restaurant

Whether it be a few dollars to his favorite fast food place, or somewhere a bit fancier that he likes to eat, a gift card to your brother’s favorite restaurant is the perfect (and most useful) present!

  • Portable charger

Let’s face it- no one wants to be caught with a dead phone, and it happens pretty often! If you aren’t sure what your brother wants for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a portable charger. This pretty affordable and very useful gift can be found on Amazon.

  • Headphones

You also can’t go wrong with getting your brother a pair of headphones. If you’re on a budget or looking for an affordable gift, buy your brother some new earbuds. Or if you want to splurge a little bit- buy him a pair of Beats or AirPods.

  • Speaker

For the brother that is constantly listening to music, get him a new speaker to do just that. There are a variety of speaker brands from a wide price range, and you can find some affordable options on Amazon, or from the brands Bose, JBL, Sony, Ultimate Ears, Beats, Altec Lansing, iHome, or Insignia.

  • Patagonia jacket

What is a better gift than a comfortable jacket for the upcoming winter season? A Patagonia jacket is a bit more pricey, but super good quality. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from, and they even take back your used items for store credit when you’re done with them. Find popular jackets here and sweatshirts/hoodies here.