YouTube Meets Ainsley Allan


Shaffer Franklin

Ainsley Allan- have you heard of her? If you haven’t, she’s a senior at the high school. Recently, Ainsley dove into the world of YouTube and has started making videos of her own.

Her channel, “Ainsley Allan,” has two vlogs (video blogs) posted. The first video, “Thanksgiving Break Vlog” already has a rockin’ 65 views. Her second video, “Snow Day Q & A Volg” has 20 views so far.

Allan’s inspiration is Emma Chamberlain, another YouTuber who is also 17 years old. Ainsley started making vlogs because she “thought it would be cool to produce that type of footage. I also started vlogging to make people laugh” which just shows what a happy, fun person Allan is!

Coming up early next week on her channel, a Travel Vlog. Go check out her channel, subscribe, and give her a like!