LFHS Athletes Sign NLI


Sophia Bienkowski

Yesterday, November 14th, 2018, six talented seniors signed the next four years of their lives. The annual Sports Signing Day took place all across the nation; in Lake Forest the exciting day was celebrated by a variety of friends and family of the six commits. There will continue to be more Signing Days as the school year progresses and more athletes make the huge step, but yesterday was first and most anticipated. The following seniors have worked incredibly hard to be given the opportunity to play for their dream schools and make the community of Lake Forest proud.

Sarah Considine ⎯ Columbia University ⎯ Field Hockey ⎯ DI

Daniel Fisher ⎯ Miami University ⎯ Golf ⎯ DI

Kevin Lamp ⎯ Stanford University ⎯ Volleyball ⎯ DI

Maggie Mick ⎯ Villanova University ⎯ Field Hockey ⎯ DI

Allison Quackenbush ⎯ DePauw University ⎯ Field Hockey ⎯ DIII

Addie Sidles ⎯ Williams College ⎯ Field Hockey ⎯ DIII

Sitting near these star six were the friends and families of the seniors. The teammates of the players also showed up to show their support. Lindsey Folker ⎯ teammate of Considine, Mick, Quackenbush, and Sidles ⎯ said, “I thought it was really amazing how all the players current LFHS teams showed up and supported their teammate. Not only are they signing to play on a college team but they also had the support of their entire current team.”

Allison Quackenbush, who is playing Field Hockey at DePauw University starting next year, said she was very nervous to sign. It goes to show how important November 14th was for her and the other five. She also said as a finishing remark that “the whole experience was very exciting. It has been my goal for a long time to sit with my teammates and sign to our dream colleges that we worked so hard throughout our school years to play for.”

There is no doubt these six will do amazing things in college. Until then, however, they will have to wait and enjoy their last months of high school.