The Women Behind the Curtain – A Thank You to Our Moms

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The Women Behind the Curtain – A Thank You to Our Moms

Katie Stovold, Staff Writer

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The Boosters Store: A one stop shop where students and parents can buy everything from Scouts sweatshirts to car bumper stickers. It has anything and everything you could possibly want in terms of Scout gear.

After years of the store being mistaken for a closet in the business hallway, it was decided that move to the entrance was needed. Now, parents can go in the main entrance, turn left, and they are at the doors of the Spirit store.

The store is run by moms who volunteer their time. These moms have become the “face” of the store. They are the women who keep the store running smoothly, from designing custom Scout apparel to creating a new catalog for each year.

Along with general apparel, they work with coaches and captains to design apparel specific to different sports teams, making it easy to keep spirits high across all activities at LFHS.

Recently, a photo shoot was done with senior athletes for the new catalog that was completely organized and run by the Booster parents.

They had racks of clothes ready to go for each student to wear, and they dedicated a Sunday morning to posing everyone to make them look and feel good. They then chose the best pictures to create a catalog for the upcoming school year.

Along with their determination to constantly make the store the best it can be, their smiling faces and positive attitudes only add to the welcoming environment both in and out of the store.

The store is not only at the school; they also have a stand at the football games to sell Scouts sweatshirts, hats, scarves, etc. Wherever the fans are, the Booster parents follow, making sure to increase the spirited ambiance of school events.

Outside of the store, it’s likely you would find these parents in the stands or in the audience supporting their kids while radiating Scout spirit.

On behalf of the students at LFHS, a huge thank you to all the parents who work the Boosters store, we appreciate everything you do. Go Scouts!