Student-Led Bands: The Swing Sonatas

The student led bands of LFHS are great way to get introduced to music you may not normally listen to and to meet your fellow classmates and to see what they do outside of the classroom.


Susanna Noble, Staff Writer

The Swing Sonatas are a student led band that has been sharing their music for the past three years. Senior Katie Pierce, the pianist, described the band’s membership as a “revolving door of people.”

“Swing Sonatas started off as a trio with [senior] Charlotte Moore, Robert Hammond and I.  Then Mark became a freshman and decided to join, and a few days later, Robert said he couldn’t be in it anymore so I went to Luke here, and asked him to join. Then Jonny came at the beginning of last year and he immediately fit right in,” said Pierce.

Outside of Swing Sonatas, you can find all the band members participating in music through other ways. Junior Mark Smirnov, the trumpet player, is a member of the LFHS Band and Jazz Band, and has performed with the Pit Orchestra and Holiday Brass. Junior Jonny Kilmer, a trombonist, is a part of LFHS Band and Pit Orchestra. Moore, a bassist, is involved in Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Holiday Strings at LFHS. Pierce can be found in Glee Club, Band, Pit Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Holiday Winds at LFHS. Lastly, junior Luke Gulson, the band’s drummer, can be found in Pamplemousse, and LFHS Band.

Pierce recalled a “fun” private gig where she and Moore played “songs backwards and Chameleon for 10 minutes straight,” while Smirnov recalled a past performance.

“Last year’s Jazz Fest was probably my favorite performance. So great,” said Smirnov.

The Swing Sonatas had a gig a few weeks ago, and they are now looking forward to their upcoming performance this December for a retirement home they had played for this past summer.

“There is nothing more heartwarming than making the elderly happy,” said Gulson, with nods of agreement from his fellow band members.

Keep an eye out for the Swing Sonatas and their jazzy music this winter season.


Check out a sampling of songs from the band’s set list below.


Visit The Swing Sonatas at their website, or on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.