Fashion Week #5

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Fashion Week #5

Ella White

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In Ella White’s column, FASHION WEEK, she finds LFHS fashionistas and follows them through their school week and reports their outfits.

Freshman Louise Brickman has a very bubbly personality and she expresses this not only when she talks but also through her outfits. Louise is a freshman that really caught my eye the first couple months of school with her fashion style and has never failed to impress!


Louise is ready for all fall weather as you can see here in her outfit. She is wearing a multi-colored striped wide sleeved sweater from Shein. With the sweater she is wearing dark denim ripped jeans from Loft. To add some more to the outfit she wraps a black Hermes belt around her jeans. To finalize her outfit she throws on white and silver star sneakers from Golden Goose to be comfortable as she walks up and down the halls in school. When Louise was picking out this outfit she said, “ I liked how the stripe was kinda vintage ish and I liked the wide sleeves because they’re cozy. I also liked how these shoes looked with these jeans and they are get when running to class.”


Today was a cold but sunny day and Louise was ready for this weather. She is wearing a camo shirt from Shopbop with a light washed denim skirt from Madewell due to the sunny day. Since, it is also cold outside Louise grabs a tan and cream teddy coat from Shein to keep her warm. Finally for shoes she wears white and silver star sneakers from Golden Goose. I asked Louise what her mindset was for this outfit and she said, “ Since it’s getting colder I wanted to wear my new teddy coat since it’s cozy! I also liked puting it with a camo shirt because I liked it with the tan and cream! I thought I’d wear my jean skirt one last time before it gets too too


Today Louise is wearing a light pink ruffle tank top from Chelsea 28. With the shirt she decides to wear medium washed wide legged jeans from Henry and Belle which are very trendy these days. With this outfit she adds a brown Hermes belt around her jeans just so it wasn’t plain. I asked Louise what her process was on picking out this outfit and she said, “ I liked these jeans because of the boot cut and they are long which hopefully make me look taller. I was drawn to the shirt because it’s super soft and I like the ruffles.”


In this outfit Louise is being very brave for wearing this what ruffled tank top from Zara in this cold weather! Luckily she wears army green jeans with a gold glitter down the side from Zara since it is cold. As for shoes she is wearing tan espadrilles from Soludos. I asked Louise what her mindset was for this outfit and she said,”I like the glitter on the pants! I feel like I always wear white shirts but I like the ruffles on the sleeve and little flouncy thing at the bottom of this one!”


Today Louise is wearing a fringey white sweater from Shein. With the sweater she is wearing light washed denim jeans from Zara. As for shoes Louise is wearing brown high boots from Sorel. This is the definition of a fall outfit from the sweater to the boots this is a very good idea for a fall outfit if you are trying it figure out what to wear! I asked Louise what her mindset was for picking out this outfit and she said,”I love this sweater because it’s so cozy. I also love these boots because they’re so easy to walk around in.”