What To Watch


Shaffer Franklin

Lake Forest High School’s Teacher and Student Netflix Recommendations


Haunting of Hill House- 2018 (one season) Horror

The Office- 2005 (nine seasons) Comedy

Arrested Development- 2003 (five seasons) Sitcom

American Horror Story- 2011 (seven seasons) Horror

Black Mirror- 2017 (four seasons) Science Fiction

Parks and Recreation- 2015 (seven seasons) Comedy

Criminal Minds- 2017 (12 seasons) Police, Action, Drama

Law and Order: Special Victim Unit– on Netflix since 2016 (four seasons) Police, Action, Drama

Riverdale- 2018 (two seasons) Drama

Grey’s Anatomy- 2017 (14 seasons) Drama, Romance

Gossip Girl- 2012 (six seasons) Drama, Romance

Vampire Diaries- 2017 (eight seasons) Drama, Romance

Gilmore Girls / A Year in the Life- 2006 (seven seasons) / 2016 (four episodes) Drama, Comedy

Friends- 2003 (10 seasons) Sitcom

Shameless- 2018 (eight seasons) Drama, Comedy

Stranger Things– 2017 (two seasons) Drama, Science Fiction, Horror Fiction

Ozark- 2018 (two seasons) Crime, Thriller

Schitt’s Creek- 2018 (four seasons) Sitcom

The Flash- 2018 (four seasons) Drama, Action, Superhero

Making a Murderer- 2018 (two parts) True Crime, Documentary

Pretty Little Liars- 2017 (seven seasons) Drama, Crime, Mystery

A Series of Unfortunate Events– 2018 (two seasons) Mystery, Comedy, Drama

Orange is the New Black- 2018 (six seasons) Comedy, Drama

New Girl- 2017 (six seasons) Sitcom

Walking Dead- 2017 (eight seasons) Horror, Zombie Apocalypse


How the Grinch Stole Christmas– 2000 Holiday, Family

It Follows- 2014 Horror

All Marvel Movies– Action

The Breakfast Club- 1985 Comedy, Drama

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before– 2018 Romance, Drama

Coco- 2017 Family, Comedy, Musical

Happy Gilmore- 1996 Comedy, Sports

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring- 2001 Action, Fantasy, Adventure