Stephen Young Proposes CFP Expansion


Stephen Young

In 2014, College Football changed for the better by entering the playoff era. By creating this system, there would no longer be the argument of who should be in the National Championship game; however, by only having a four team playoff, there is now an argument as to who should be in the playoffs. A common solution football fans have to this debate is to add four more teams. This argument became relevant last year when the University of Central Florida went undefeated and felt as if they should have been included in the College Football Playoffs. The 2018 season has been another prime example of why the NCAA should expand the playoff system to eight teams. After Week Eight, there are three unbeaten teams in the top three, along with a fourth, UCF, sitting at 12. For years, many argued that since the top four teams were all so similar in talent, there should be a four team playoff. Now, it is becoming more apparent that almost every team in the top eight is evenly matched.

If the season were to end now, an impressive Michigan team would be left out of the playoffs, despite an impressive 42-7 win against 14 ranked Penn State. Alongside Michigan, a rising Oklahoma team would be excluded because of an early season loss to Texas. The list goes on- there are at least four more teams that deserve a shot at the National Title; however, one bad game can prevent them from doing so.

By expanding the playoffs to eight teams, the argument would be solved. Teams like Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Georgia would get a second chance and be able to forget about their one loss. Despite having two losses, one being to the more than impressive Alabama, LSU would possibly get another chance to prove themselves. In addition, UCF would be able to get a chance after possibly completing back to back undefeated seasons. By expanding the playoffs to eight teams, many more teams would be able to control their own destiny, and fans would not be left wondering if their team belonged.