Open letter to the custodial staff

Thank you for all that you do


Sasha Sklarov, Staff Writer

Dear Custodians of LFHS,

The sounds of small talk fill the classrooms and halls everyday, but rarely do we stop and appreciate the conditions of our school.

The cleanliness of our classrooms never cross our minds. Or the crumb traces we leave behind without a second glance. Why do we have endless amounts of paper towels and toilet paper in the restrooms?

You, the custodians of LFHS, are the reason why our school remains upright. The jangling of the keys we hear down the hall is more than just the ability to open the doors. It symbolizes the safety, commitment and hard work of our custodians.

So to all of the custodians who make our school a place we can be proud of, who are often the first ones on campus and the last ones to leave, who are difference makers at LFHS: Thank you for all that you do.

You come prepared everyday with your sleeves rolled up, ready to face any task that comes about.

During the moments of panic under drill lockdowns or when parents park in the senior lot, we call you for help.

You wake up before dawn to make sure the sidewalks and streets are salted so students, parents, faculty, and visitors don’t slip and fall.

You’re still running around past school hours to make sure the chairs are set up for the upcoming swim meet, and that the gym floors are clean so students can perform their best for their games.

On a hot summer afternoon or a snowy dark morning, you regulate the temperature so students and teachers can focus and be comfortable in the classrooms.

If we leave our winter coat or lunch bag after hours, you are here to make sure those items get to the lost and found safely so we can receive them the next day.

The next time we students decide to be lazy and careless and leave our trash around the school, just remember that the custodians are tidying up after the mess. They have families and lives of their own.

If we see a wrapper in the snack shop that another student left behind, we should pick it up and throw it in the trash. Although we cannot control other people’s actions, we can control our response and do the right thing.

Keeper, guardian, protector, and overseer are synonyms of ‘Custodian.’ Some of those responsibilities said above do not fit in your job description, but you do it anyway out of the goodness of your hearts.

Thank you to all who make LFHS a secure and beautiful school. Thank you to all who have helped and made our school what it is now. And most importantly, thank you to all making a positive impact on LFHS.