Student-Led Bands: Pamplemousse

The student led bands of LFHS are great way to get introduced to music you may not normally listen to and to meet your fellow classmates and to see what they do outside of the classroom.


From left: Luke Gulson, Ryan McFadden, Jack LaVanway and Luke Gerskovich of Pamplemousse

Susanna Noble, Staff Writer

They have been playing rock and rap music together for only a month, but the members of Pamplemousse all are very close “bros.” They came up with their name after spending an afternoon together drinking LaCroix.

“Pamplemousse is a LaCroix flavor and as we were brainstorming ideas for a name, we were all drinking LaCroix and one of us saw the name and we were like, ‘Hey that’s a pretty good name: Pamplemousse,’” said junior Luke Gerskovich, the guitarist and occasional vocalist of Pamplemousse.

The four band members met through School of Rock near the beginning of their high school careers. When asked how long they would be playing together, there was a little bit of controversy. “Eight years,” started Gerskovich before Luke Gulson, the drummer, jumped in: “70 years.”

“We hope to play with each other until the end of high school. And when they go off to college, we might play during fall, spring, winter, and summer break,” said sophomore Ryan McFadden, the vocalist and occasional drummer of Pamplemousse. “Jack said over the summer that he was going to put together the ultimate band and now, here we are.”

All of the band members have been in other student led bands and/or are involved musically at LFHS. You can find Gulson playing in percussion for the LFHS Band and playing the drums for Swing Sonatas. Gerskovich is in Joe, Hall of Communications, and the LFHS Band and Jazz Band. McFadden plays with Joe and Looking for Jane. Jack LaVanway plays with 26 Hours and is a member of the LFHS Orchestra.

“We have been a band for one month,” said junior LaVanway, the bassist and pianist. “And we have our first performance coming up in early January.”

Look out for this “bunch of bros just being dudes,” coming to a stage near you this January.


Check out a sampling of songs from the band’s set list below.