In My Closet

A look at senior Lily Fitzgerald's fashion choices

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In My Closet

Alexis Mory and Lauren Gambit, Staff Writer

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What are your favorite brands/ clothing store?

I have different favorite stores for different items. Free People for tops, Zara for pants and skirts, and Revolve for dresses. However for everything else I love online shopping on Sabo skirt, Shopplanetblue and Boohoo.

Do you typically buy more tops, pants or shoes?

Tops 100%. You can repeat pants or shoes with an outfit weekly, but I try not to wear the same top for months. I try to buy more tops because I think they’re more noticeable and you can always mix and match them with jeans shorts or skirts.

What is your ideal outfit for school/ do you typically wear?

I always like to look my best when going to school. I always need to have something different or unique about my outfit to get through the day. I’m happier at school when I’m wearing something I love. I would never go to school in something plain or boring. And if I do have a more plain outfit, I love to accessorize with jewelry, belts, hair pieces, shoes, etc.

Why are you passionate about fashion?

I look at fashion as an art. I simply love dressing up, designing, picking out, finding good deals, and getting lots of compliments on my clothes. There’s something about anyone being able to show their personality through clothes that I love. Shopping is probably my favorite activity and I genuinely look forward to picking out my outfit every night before school.

How would you describe your style?

My aunt once described my style as “boho chic,” and that really stuck with me. I don’t go for one super specific look… if I see something I like, I like it. I don’t have an exact style, but I tend to gravitate more towards bohemian clothes with a little sparkle to them.

What are your favorite colors/ prints to wear?

My wardrobe is very neutral when it comes to colors, but that’s why I add some pattern to it. I have a lot of white, grey, black, beige and army green, but I mix and match these and add some bold statement pieces to make the outfit.

Sandals or sneakers?

Sneakers. They just make the person and the outfit so much better and they go with almost everything nowadays. A good white pair of sneakers can carry you a very long way. Sandals are harder to wear everyday.

Dresses or pants?

Depends on the occasion. I get more excited to wear dresses, but I more often wear pants. Dresses tend to be more noticeably cute to wear to school if I accessorize correctly with them, but I love pants that are unique and ones no one else has. Pants are also nice because you can wear them more often. Dresses are kind of a one and done situation.