What Decision Plan is Best for You?


Ella White

What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?

Early Decision is a binding agreement, this means that if you apply and get in you have to go there and withdraw all of your other applications. Early Action is non-binding program. If you are admitted Early Action you do not have to withdraw any applications, you are still able to choose any school. You are just applying early which does lead you to a better chance of getting in than Regular Decision. For Early Action and Regular Decision you still have until May 1 to decide.


Who should apply Early Decision I?

Students who are 100 percent they want to go to a certain school should apply Early Decision because if you get in you are in. No backing out. Also, if you end up not getting in and getting put on the waitlist your application is put in with the Regular Decision applications. At this point your application is not binding and you can pick another school to attend by May 1.


Who should apply Early Decision II?

Students who are 100 percent sure they want to go to a certain school after the November 1 deadline but before December 1 should apply Early Decision II. Most students who do this decision plan are students who believe their application will be better after submitting fall semester grades or other test scores. If admitted, you are required to withdraw all other applications.


Who should apply Early Action?

Students who have a top choice school by November 1 but still aren’t 100 percent sure should apply Early Action because you have a better chance of getting in than students who apply Regular Decision. If you are admitted you aren’t required to go there. You have until May 1 to select whichever college you want to go to.


If I want to apply to a school Early Decision can I still apply Early Action to another school?

Yes. Students who apply Early Decision aren’t for sure admitted to the school, they just have a better chance of getting in because they are showing a lot of passion for the school, but they could get put on on the waitlist or denied. It is a good idea to apply Early Action was well to other schools so you have backups in case you Early Decision doesn’t end up as planned.