Impact of a Win


Claire Mahoney

Whether it be a Cinderella story winning streak or a 15-3 season, everyone knows the morale boost of some great W’s. Wins can create a heightened image of the team to the rest of the school, increased spirit among the team, and maybe even more fans in the stands. A theme within any sport, the implications that come with a victory, especially multiple victories, can change the momentum of the team. As the fall sports season wraps up, I asked players on various teams how winning in their seasons has affected attitudes, fans, and momentum.

Boys’ Golf had a very successful season, finishing fourth in state. With the titles of Regional and Sectional champions, they earned attention around the school, many students even wanting to trek down for the match in Bloomington. Senior leader Danny Fisher comments on the team’s morale, “This year going into state we had a six or seven match win streak, which was huge for confidence as we knew we were one of the best. That momentum is also important individually because you know you have guys all around you who can pick you up if you’re not necessarily playing your best.” In an individual sport such as golf, team support is still essential. The success of the team may be contributed to that as well as the outstanding talent of the team. With many outstanding young players, there will be further anticipation for next season.

After two consecutive state championships, the field hockey team has found its groove and has created an elite level that all Scouts eagerly aspire to. With their already exemplary accomplishments, they have created momentum within their own team, utilizing social media, word of mouth, and a strong team chemistry to advocate for game attendance and support. As Scout Nation continues to revamp and draw more attention to Scouts Athletics, captain Sarah Considine comments on the new support,  “We love having student support on our sidelines. We have had a much larger fan base this year– something I think the whole team has really enjoyed.” Their record proves their achievements, adding to their consistent high level of moral. As the playoffs continue, look for cornrows in the halls to check out their team tradition which has potentially contributed to their October success.

After a regular season with incredible wins, football earned their well-deserved place in playoffs. When I asked Chase Bahr about their victories over Lake Zurich, Libertyville, and Stevenson, he said, “Big wins are always huge morale boosters. It gives us the energy that we need to play and work harder throughout the week leading up to the next game. It gives us momentum and confidence that hopefully translates over to our fans being there to support us.” With everything on the line last Friday, the buildup and promotion of the game contributed to a huge number of Scout supporters in the Stevenson stands. In a tight game like that, vocal fans can definitely add to the triumph.

Tennis just earned second in state, concluding a fantastic season. Senior Emily Asmussen comments on how she feels winning influences the team, “I think once we start winning we start believing more in ourselves and in our ability. The feeling of winning makes you feel like you have really accomplished something and it feels like your hard work had finally paid off and being recognized.” With each match being a tiring challenge for every individual, the feat of gaining a victory is significant.

Many Scout athletes feel that winning has allowed for momentum and confidence to grow, attracted further support, and most of all, boosted team morale and a sense of unity. Whether it be one W or twenty, a victory’s impact on a team may well be immeasurable.