Best and Worst Waters


Stephen Young

There are hundreds of brands of water around the world, many of them having a distinct taste. While some different brands taste the same, there are several companies that produce water with a very noticeable difference. Some waters taste generic, some are extremely refreshing, and some straight up taste like chemicals. Now, let’s rank the worst and best waters, based on popular opinions with LFHS students.

Bottom 3:

Scout Fuel

“Scout Fuel is gross”

“It’s better than Dasani, but it’s no Evian.”

“The school needs some Ice Mountain”

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  1. Aquafina

“It’s awful. It’s trash”

“It kinda tastes like there are chemicals added to it, as opposed to Ice Mountain, which tastes fresh spring water”

“Aquafina tastes like soap water”

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  1. Dasani

“Dasani tastes like I put a plastic water in by car and took a sip of it after a month”

“It tastes like chemicals, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t remember, I haven’t had it in so long because it’s trash.”

“Is it even water?

“Dasani always leaves my mouth tasting like plastic.”

“Dasani is trash.”

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Top 5

  1. Evian

“I love Evian so much; I get it every time at the airport”

“It tastes like rich people water, it’s good.”

“I’m a big Evian person”

“Best airport water”

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  1. Smart Water

“Smart is big baller”

“So smooth”

“High quality H2O”

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  1. Fiji

“Fiji is the best water on the market”

“Too pricey”

“Fiji is the best water but it’s too expensive.”

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  1. Tap

“Best bang for your buck water.”


“I remember when bottled water did not exist, so I drink tap.”

“It’s free”

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  1. Ice Mountain

“Ya Ice Mountain, that’s my fav.”

“Ice Mountain is a never ending bottle of glory”

“I have it for lunch every day!”

“The taste of Ice Mountain is to crisp and so consistent.”

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