The Most Trivial of Pursuits: Is Water Wet?


Susanna Noble

Each week The Forest Scout will take on one of the dumbest debates in pop culture. You’ll likely be dumber for reading. You’re welcome.


It’s Wet: Susanna Noble

Water is what makes objects wet. The word “wet,” comes from the word for water “wed-.” If an object is “wet,” it can make another object “wet.” Therefore, water being the cause of all things being “wet,” is “wet.” You can’t spell water without “wet.”


It’s Not Wet: Margaux Miller

It all depends on how you define “wet.” If you define wet like how I define it, then it is the condition of a liquid sticking to a solid. Therefore, water by itself, is not “wet.” It needs something else to stick to it in order to be wet.

When we are in water, we are not wet, however once our hand leaves the water, it is. This is because the water sticks to the solid (your hand) making it “wet.” The water doesn’t stick to you when you’re underwater because there’s nothing to allow it to stick. So, technically when you are under water, you are dry, but once you leave the water you are wet.