Fall Play 2018 Preview: The Patsy


Claire Jessen

One of the coolest and most unique departments here at LFHS is the theater department, and with plenty of talent and excitement, each show put on here is truly worth seeing. Lucky for us, this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the fall play The Patsy will be taking place.

“The Patsy is a play about a faithful wife who vows to only cheat on her husband if he cheats first, the husband that is put in an unfortunate situation, and the hilarious chaos that ensues around them.” said junior Kevin Staunton. Additionally described as “a true outrageous French farce about affairs and misunderstandings,” by senior Bryan Kingsley. This show is absolutely perfect for anyone needing a good laugh.

The cast has worked incredibly hard on putting this show together. “It has been one of the most challenging shows I have ever been in,” said senior Jaclyn Lonergan. “Due to this show being a french farce, it requires such high energy and we all needed to perfect our timing and pacing throughout the show. People are constantly running in and out of doors, hiding underneath beds, and running into dressers to hide. We all need to trust our cast and rely that everyone is 100% focused and on top of their game,” said senior Nikole Tzioufas.

Although faced with quite a few challenges, the cast feels like all its hard work has really paid off. “My favorite thing working with the cast has been getting closer with everyone on stage, you have to be very comfortable on stage with everyone to make the show worth and I think it has really pulled us all together,” according to Kingsley. “I have cherished the time we have spent together discovering more possibilities to bring this show to life.” said senior Antoinette Pompe Van Meerdervort.

Having put so much effort into this show since the beginning of this year, The Patsy is definitely worth coming out to see your fellow peers doing what they do best this weekend.

Show dates:

October 11,12,13 @ 7 pm in the RMA


Lucienne Vatelin: Antoinette Pompe Van Meerdervoort

Maurice Vatelin: Bruce (Bryan) Kingsley

Eugene Pontagnac: Ryan Benson

Clotilde Pontagnac: Maliha Yousuf

Ernest Redillon: Kevin Stanton

Marta Ziegler: Nikole Tzioufas

Gerhard Ziegler: Zack Demet

Jean: Foster Thomas

Avaline: Jaclyn Lonergan

Henry: Cole Joseph

Clara: Cara Page

Manager Hotel Ultimus: Dylan Cofer

Pinchard: Alec Boyd

Maudie Pinchard: Katie Barth

Police Inspector: Jake Koefelda

Gerome: Adam Clayton

Guests of Hotel Ultimus: Foster Thomas, Martha Clifford, Kiera Burns