Fashion Week #1


Ella White

In Ella White’s column, FASHION WEEK, she finds LFHS fashionistas and follows them through their school week and reports their outfits.


Senior Claire Milligan never fails to impress us with her fashion forward looks. Below you will see what she wore for the week and her mindset for each outfit!



Fashion Week: Claire Milligan

Claire is wearing a white halter crop top from Zara underneath a dark grey pocketed jumpsuit from Estreet. For shoes, she is wearing thick soled, white, red, blue,and yellow sneakers. To top her outfit off, she adds a three gold necklaces: a gold chain from Forever 21, a gold star choker from Brandy Melville, and a gold coin necklace from Planet Blue. I asked Claire what her vision was for this outfit and she said, “It’s a Monday and I was super tired this morning and I wasn’t in the mood to plan out an outfit.”



Fashion Week: Claire Milligan 1

Claire is wearing a safety pin LA shirt from Lauren Moshi, paired with denim ripped jeans from GRLFRND for a chill, simple look. As for shoes, Claire is wearing Valentino black striped sneakers. To bring the outfit together she added gold chokers from Forever 21 and Brandy Melville. “I just wanted a simple and comfortable outfit so I thought jeans and a t-shirt was the way to go,” Claire said.



Fashion Week: Claire Milligan 2

Claire is wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt from Wilt and denim shorts from Pistol. To add more of a statement to the outfit, she adds Gucci navy and red striped espadrille platform shoes. She also added jewelry to make the outfit “pop”. The gold chain choker she is wearing is from Brandy Melville and the gold feather choker was a birthday present. On her wrist she is also wearing a beige watch from Ice to make the outfit more sophisticated. “I wanted to wear something easy and simple and this is what I came up with,” said Claire.



Fashion Week: Claire Milligan 3

Both Claire’s baggy tan sweatshirt and denim skirt are from Shei. To finish this look, she throws on gray, white, and red sneakers from Topshop to add some more color. I asked what her idea was for the outfit and she said, “I wanted to be comfy at the top but then cute at the bottom so I just decided to wear a cute sweatshirt and a skirt.”



Fashion Week: Claire Milligan 4

Claire is wearing a “Woman” shirt from Forever 21. The shirt says the word woman in all different languages. For bottoms Claire is wearing a denim skirt from Zara and added a black Estreet belt. For shoes, she is wearing black striped studded sneakers from Valentino. Upon asking what her vision was for the outfit, she said, “It was a hot day so I wanted to wear an outfit I wouldn’t get too hot in so I thought a skirt and  tank top was a great fit.”