Girls’ Cross Country Update


Sophia Bienkowski

On Tuesday, September 11, the Girls Cross Country Teams trekked to the 3 mile Waukegan course. There, the competitors faced hot weather, hives of mosquitoes, and a formidable course. The path consisted of many hills and ankle twisting patches. Despite the not-so-perfect conditions, Lake Forest proved to be the dominant force.

Lauren Garriques won the girls’ race with a time of 19.23. This was an incredible moment for the blue and gold.

Friday night, the Varsity team drove out to Peoria to compete in an elite meet. There, Lauren Garriques had a season record time of 18.49. Lauren Zarek, Kate Wildman, Emily Hart, Katie Hart, Chloe Tzau, Kenzie Ong, Isabella Graf, Carrie Saginur, Bridget Eckland, Gaby Brown, Courtney Schmidt, and Skyler Kreunen also all had season records including some all-time personal records.

Saturday, the rest of the team took on the Warren Course. Of the 34 girls competing, 29 raced season records.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sep 17, the Seniors will be racing for the last time at home, so come out to West Campus to support and participate in the Cross Country Senior Night!