Club Spotlight: New Voters Club


Griffin Larson

Living in America gives you many freedoms, voting being one of them. The power to vote is what makes our country democratic. Depending on either side you lean, right or left, you can expect some ballot to ensure the candidates you support get into their respective positions. As many seniors approach the age of 18, voting becomes an option. So why should you vote? New Voters Club, co-ran by Kelsey Marx and Emma Johnson, is committed to the assurance that our generation goes out and makes our voice heard. Here’s what Marx had to say when asked about New Voters Club.


How are you going to put your beliefs aside to insure all political parties feel welcome?

“When I work with people of different political perspectives as me, first and foremost I try to find common ground. For example we all vote, and at the end of the day we all get the same sticker. That’s the cause we are uniting behind.”


What is your plan, and what do you want to accomplish?

“We can’t technically register people to vote, because we are not all 18, but we are having the league of women voters come in to help us out.  So our job right now, since we can’t get everyone in the same room right now, is outreach. We are trying to promote our events and give information about the elections, and make a website with the candidates information. We want to promote that throughout the school.”


If you are interested in checking out New Voters Club- they meet every Wednesday in room 382. As midterms become closer, there will be a lot to discuss and decide on. Making sure your voice is heard has grown into a new importance. Having a club that insures seniors, and underclassmen are prepared is truly important in lights of political developments. With everything, there are two sides and New Voters Club wants to make sure that both are welcome, because what is important to them is that everyone exercises their right to vote. Regardless of political stance.