HoCo Behind the Scenes



Every year Homecoming comes around the corner so fast we barely have enough time to find where our classes are. Suddenly, we are already finding dresses and anticipating the football game. While Homecoming comes around fast for the student body, for Student Council it comes even faster.

To most of us, Homecoming is just another dance to find a date for or a big football game to go to. The only thing we really realize about Homecoming is how fast it comes about. What most don’t realize is what happens behind the scenes. Student Council plans for Homecoming a lot earlier than most realize. Student Council exec members met over the summer, right before school started, to get the themes of Spirit Week and start the planning for Homecoming. A whole week before the students were even walking the halls, Student Council was on the ball ready for Homecoming.

As school started, the planning became specified into the new Spirit Committee. This year Student Council  has organized its efforts by dividing into committees. These committees include: Spirit, Communications, Fundraising, and Scout Reach. The Spirit Committee is focused on one important thing: Spirit. Senior Lindsay Folker, leader of this committee, plans all there is to do with Homecoming.

There are so many aspects that the students don’t even realize are going on. For the first meeting of Spirit Committee, members assigned who would take pictures for advertising the Spirit Week days. They also did announcements for the upcoming cookout before the Homecoming game as well as discussing the  types of decorations for the dance.

Then that’s when things started to get crazy. The week before Spirit Week, there was meeting after meeting. First there was the second meeting with the Spirit Committee. They assigned who would be stationed at the cookout before the Homecoming game. There is going to be a picture station, snow cones, popcorn, face paint and tattoos, as well as selling cow bells before the games. They also had to decide on what decorations to get as well as who would set them up. Then later on in the week, after Folker had written the script, there was a meeting with the pep rally MCs, which included Claire Mahoney (senior president), Julia Kuetamyer (senior vice president), Ella White (overall vice president), and JD O’Kean (overall president), met to decide who would say what. It was a long meeting and a lot of aspects were discussed and decided on. Then, finally, Folker got together with the head teacher of Student Council, Ms. Laughlin, to meet up and recap on what they have done and need to get done. After all these meetings the execs still had to meet up Sunday afternoon to film for about four hours the intro video for the pep rally. Then they also filmed Tuesday with Principal Dr. Holland.

Student Council this year has had a constant theme about them: change. They want to become a more involved, attuned to the students’ interests, and more active in the community than years before. This year’s Homecoming will see new things to the pep rally as well as to the cookout. They have made it more exciting with more student involvement. With the help of the Spirit Committee, they were allowed to do more than in years before. Homecoming is just the first of new things to come from Student Council. So, while everyone is trying to find their date or their dress, Student Council has been working hard to make sure everyone has a fun and memorable Homecoming week.