Scouts Late Momentum Not Enough to Down Frogs


Nathaniel Martin

Even after the final whistle blew, the Scouts didn’t stop fighting. In a game that was characterized by missed chances and short tempers, the Scouts were unable to capitalize on their chances. This lack of goals has grown forebodingly common, as the Scouts offense has been shutout in four of their five losses.

However, when the Scouts score, their record stands at 3-1-1.

Early shots on goal by forward Kean O’Connor and defender Jamie Phalen proved unfruitful, and in the 35th minute of play LFA was able to score off a rebound on a short corner. Midfielder Jackson Meadow was able to clear the ball on the goalline, but the LFA offense won the race to the second ball and slotted it in the back of the net.

Both sides grew edgy as play drew on. As the second half clock began ticking down, both the Scouts’ and the Frogs’ patience grew thin. An especially colorful group of LFA student spectators did not help both teams practice good sportsmanship.

The Scouts were able to figure out the LFA attack and rendered it ineffective for the majority of the second half. In the final 10 minutes of the game, the Scouts began penetrating deep into LFA territory and began letting off shots. Seniors Alan Cecherz, Andrew Forowycz, and Aved Markarian and junior Carter Collis all had shots in the final 10 minutes of play.

The increasing pressure on the LFA defense forced them to start shameless time wasting ploys. The last 10 minutes saw four LFA players receive yellow cards for needless time wasting.

The Scouts had one last chance to score when LFA committed a foul about 15 yards outside the penalty box. Scout captain Aved Markarian, with time in the single digits, launched a shot that missed wide right.

Time expired on the ensuing goal kick.

The Scouts knew they had lost a winnable game, and the mood in the locker room was obviously somber. 

The Scouts need to shake off this loss as they take on the powerful Lake Zurich Bears tonight.