Curtain Call: Senior Directed One Acts


Nikole Tzioufas

This article was co-written by junior Susanna Noble and senior Nikole Tzioufas.

This past Saturday, the LFHS theater department held its annual ITS fundraiser to kick off the theater season at LFHS by hosting Senior Directed One Acts. One Acts have been known as the spark that ignites the fire of the theater season. Seniors are given the opportunity to direct a short 10-15 minute play, where they are given complete artistic freedom to enable their vision.

“Getting to see our vision come to life was a very rewarding experience,” said senior director Jaclyn Lonergan.

This year, six one acts were presented, with 12 passionate seniors eager to present their young actors with knowledge they had gained from being a part of the theater at the highschool. The 6 plays varied in styles, which made one acts such a unique experience for the directors when casting the actors in their shows.  

“The most interesting part of one acts was watching all the student directors with their cast. We were able to pull certain methods and drills from our directors and implement them into the rehearsal process to engage and teach the actors. We learned how to control and lead a group by creating our own form of directing.” said senior Rana Muratoglu.

The seniors are given the complete artistic freedom when picking the show, set, costuming, and cast. Being able to take charge in putting on a play is not a simple task which many of the senior directors experienced sooner than later. The difficult challenge that arises with one acts is that it is only a week long process which is a very limited amount of time to put on a show.

“Personally, I think part of what makes One Acts so special is that the directors already know a lot about some of the actors and what it means to put on a show. They want us to succeed and make us better when developing our characters in our show,” sophomore Mary Clayton said.

Many seniors look forward to the one acts so they can get the experience of being in the director’s chair and working with people they may have performed with in past shows, as well as the new students. However, even though the seniors were the directors, many of the actors were still willing to give suggestions to make their respective one act great.

“It was fun being in charge, but we also valued the actors input. We wanted to listen to their ideas in order to put on the best show possible.” stated senior Zach Demet.

One acts are completely student driven, which is the epitome of what it means to be a leader at LFHS. A week ago, the school year started for over 1,600 students here at LFHS. If we can leave you with one thing, we want to leave you with this: as the school year progresses, we encourage you to take action, and don’t be afraid to get involved in a new aspect of the school. LFHS is a school driven with leaders, which is one of the many aspects that makes Lake Forest High School so special. Whether it is trying out for a competitive sport, joining a club, or auditioning for a play do not be afraid. Everyone has their own place at Lake Forest High School and with the help of outgoing and conscientious students, you will find the right place for you at LFHS.


Listed below are the plays, their student directors, and their casts.


Action News: Now with 10% More Action!

By Jonathan Rand

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Directed by: Adam Clayton & Zach Demet

Cast: Kailey Albus, Cole Joseph, Kiera Burns, Grace Benson, Annabelle Lamb, Carley Walker Kevin Forman, Litsa Kapsalis, Christine Jie, Jack Clawson, Caroline Speed, Molly Walsh


Bullies Anonymous

By E.M. Bell

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Directed by: Katie Barth & Maddy Javier

Cast:  Martha Clifford, Brooke MacDougal, Jacob Koefelda, Zeyad Alam, Anna Randall, Laine Gamrath


Just One of Those Things

By Rich Orloff

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.  

Directed by: Jaclyn Lonergan & Rana Muratoglu

Cast: Abby Wickman, Foster Thomas, JP Best, Madeleine Kapsalis


Regina Flector Wins the Science Fair

By Marco Ramirez

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Directed by: Ryan Benson & Grayson Pruett

Cast: Emma Forman, Alec Boyd, Pierce Docherty, Cole Koefelda


Saturday Matinee

By Dan Roberts

Produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Co.

Directed by: Antoinette Pompe Van Meerdervort & Nikole Tzioufas

Cast: Alex Kirages, Mary Clayton, Brynne Hippel, Susanna Noble, Kevin Staunton, Cara Page, Lindsay Folker, Ricky Marchant, Maliha Yousuf, Amelia Myers, Maddie Taylor, Annie Burdiak, Kaitlyn Torcolese, Will Meyer


Small Actors

By Stephen Gregg

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company

Directed by: Bryan Kingsley & Eilise Lynch

Cast: Katie Finnegan, Meghan Geraghty, Keegan Thoranin, Ashwin Krishnaswamy, Grant Huebner, Litsa Kapsalis, Jack Clawson, Madeleine Kapsalis, Grace Benson


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Ryan Eleveld, Andrew Javier, Annabelle Lamb, Anna Randall, Celeste Tomaselli, Isabel Wiesner


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