School Security: In good hands with Mr. Scott Krajniak


Will Davis

Mr. Krajniak put it perfectly when describing the process of adding security measures at the high school: “It’s just like cake.” Simple but effective.

Krajniak likes to think of security measures as layers. Adding layers to the cake just makes the cake taste better. This philosophy is what makes security at the high school almost exactly the same. With the implementation of more security features comes a much safer environment at LFHS. This strategy has been put in place–and nearly perfected–in LFHS’ security protocol since Krajniak took over. Krajniak’s ability to ensure students’ freedom while also providing the school with top notch security is what has made the high school such a special and unique place. There is an extremely thin line between infringing on students’ freedoms at school and fostering a safe, secure high school. Fortunately, for those of us lucky enough to attend LFHS, Mr. Scott Krajniak has successfully found a common ground between the two.

In the years prior to Krajniak’s reign as head of security, other areas (academics, mental health, etc.) in the high school were focused on much more. Mr Krajniak described the pre-Dr. Holland era at the high school as a time where the “bubble theory” was typically given as a reason as to why security was less of a priority. However, Krajniak made sure to give huge props to the school’s focus on mental health in the time before he was here when discussing the state of the high school regarding mental health. He firmly believes that violence and theft have been kept to a minimum because of the faculty at the school, and the corresponding care that teachers show for their students, has curbed the desire to commit these crimes. Many (if not all) students would attest to the fact that they know at least one teacher or faculty member at the school who they would be willing to talk to if they were having an issue. In addition, the high school provides unmatched support and  this reality is something that truly sets LFHS apart from many other schools in terms of safety and security. This has helped shape the high school’s reputation of being extremely safe and secure.

When looking at his job title, it is clear to see that Mr. Krajniak holds one of the most important positions at Lake Forest High School. His tasks encompass everything from investigating locker room theft to organizing drills in the case of an active shooter. Krajniak has experienced lots of change when it comes to the high school’s security. This includes but is not limited to the installment of many different security cameras, the 1.2 million dollar project to secure and lock the front doors, and also the movement of the booster store.  All three of these facets were monumental changes in Krajniak’s era and have made the school even more secure than it already was. In addition to these changes, hundreds of cameras have been placed in staircases and hallways, and Krajniak explained that these cameras are typically used whenever there are reports of theft in the school. Probably above all of this, however, is the installation of emergency buttons in many of the staircases at the school as well as the development of the RAPTOR system into the school’s security programs. The RAPTOR system allows the school to identify and track any and all sexual predators when they enter the school. The list goes on and Mr. Krajniak explained that he would have loved to show me even more, but school protocol prohibits it. In general, the entire culture of security in at LFHS has been amended throughout Krajniak’s reign to keep up with changing times. This can be attributed to many of Krajniak’s ideas being put into immediate action.

While wrapping up my conversation with Mr. Krajniak, he revealed to me that he had planned on retiring this April. However, the shooting in Parkland, Florida left him feeling like he needed to stay around longer in order to allow the school to find an adequate replacement. Krajniak’s passion and commitment to his job are evident in this decision and it should spur confidence and a sense of safety for parents and students alike. The dedication and consistent hard work of Mr. Krajniak and his entire staff has fostered and created an incredibly important balance between the freedom and security of students at the school.

School security is typically not thought of much by high school students. The recent events in Parkland have begun to change this as increasingly more students are questioning the administrations at their respective schools about security. After taking a more in depth look at the school’s security, it is clear to see that LFHS prioritizes the safety of its students above all else. All faculty and students should feel safe for years to come because of the vast changes that have been introduced by Mr. Krajniak and Dr. Holland.