Business Incubator Profile: MeltWell


Bobby Winebrenner

Business Incubator teacher Mr. Pulio described an emotional situation involving his 23-year-old nephew to his class. The young adult is mentally disabled and has a difficult time with everyday tasks, even taking cough drops or things of that sort. This problem also impacts young children and can be a scary thought for parents and family members alike. One of the leading causes of death among children 6 and under is choking and, at the moment, there isn’t a common fix to this issue. But the startup brewing on the first floor of the high school, MeltWell, hopes to make this dilemma a thing of the past.

The product is a thin film which treats a cough and is available over the counter. The slip dissolves in approximately ten seconds after application to the tongue and ends the worry of parents with young children everywhere.

A common question for a film similar to this is centered around what makes up the medicinal fix. The product is all natural with fine ingredients such as lemon, peppermint, honey, etc. Another area of worry is with athletes and musicians choking on the product during performances, but the dissolvable slip resolves that issue.

MeltWell was created by Sean Ramsay, Lily Fitzgerald, Ainslie White, and Brooke Faller in the business classes at Lake Forest and hopes to make it to the famed pitch night.