Oscars presents controversial moments before and during show


Sophia Bienkowski

On Sunday, March 4, the Academy Awards, the biggest night for film, took place. Per usual, the night was filled with controversial and political moments. Even before the awards on the Red Carpet, celebrities made statements. There was an undeniable spotlight on the gun control movement as many wore orange pins or ribbons “…in honor of the 96 Americans who are killed every day by gun violence and the hundreds more who are wounded — and to demand action.” At the Golden Globes earlier this year, many male and female celebrities wore all black in support of the #TimesUp movement. This year at the Oscars, there was no organized fashion statement for #Times up, but many were seen wearing the eye-catching pins.

A less positive controversy of the Oscars was the appearance of Ryan Seacrest. When Googling the TV personality, I noticed the first prompted search was “ryan seacrest sexual predator.” Ex-E! stylist Suzie Hardy recently made serious sexual harassment and assault claims against Seacrest, but both E! and the accused denied these claims. E! told the public that Seacrest would still fulfill his duties on the red carpet, despite the charges. There was definitely an elephant in the room as Seacrest had several awkward encounters with celebrities.

Later in the night, the doors closed and the curtains were lifted, setting the stage for more controversy to come. The host of the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel, made a popular return from his debut at the Golden Globes. In his opening monologue, he made jabs at Fox News, Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood stereotypes, Vice President Mike Pence, and our very own President, Donald Trump. Jimmy Kimmel continued to make political ribbing and social banter throughout the night, making it more enjoyable for some and offensive for others. Watching the Oscars requires less sincerity, especially with Kimmel as the host.

Whether on the red carpet or on stage, the Oscars involved many controversial moments. The ones listed above were just the main attractions, but for viewers who saw the entire night, it was a roller coaster full of surprises and heated moments the public will not forget.