The Great Debate: Book or Movie

The Great Debate: Book or Movie

Who does it better: The book or the movie?

May 25, 2022

Give me a good book

Kayla Wisneski thinks the book is always better than the movie.

A movie tells a quick story through dialogue and pictures. When watching, it can be hard to get all of the fine details that come with reading a book. Books tell amazing stories and can keep you wrapped up until the very end. When you watch a movie, it’s done in an hour and a half. You sit down, watch it, and then it’s over. Reading a book will keep you occupied for hours! Especially if you find a book you’re really interested in, it can keep you entertained for what feels like forever. Not to mention, the series! Sure, there are movie series, but tons of books that are made into movies have sequels that aren’t. When you read the books, the story carries on. Not to mention, you can easily pick the length of your book. It could be shorter or longer, depending on what you want.

There is also a certain satisfaction that comes with finishing a book. Being able to flip the pages and watch your progress grow as you read is a great feeling of accomplishment. And while I prefer the hard copy, some prefer to read on a device. There are millions of books out there, and no matter how much you might think you hate reading, there is one out for you! It’s simply a matter of finding it. There are so many different ways to read and something for everyone at every level to enjoy. Whether it be a graphic novel, picture book, or over 1,000 pages, each book tells its own story.

Now, perhaps the most important argument is this: the book most likely came first anyway! Because of this, the changes made in the movie can be extremely annoying. Changing the plot, leaving things out, and changing character traits, these things are all often changed in films.

The thing that I miss most while watching a movie is hearing the character’s thoughts. When reading, you are usually aware of what the character is thinking, dependent on point of view. I love being able to know their inner reactions to the events, and it actually helps to move the plot along. Knowing the character’s thoughts help actions come faster. It also keeps readers from assuming anything. It allows the author’s full and intended vision to be seen.

All of this isn’t to say that I completely dislike movies, it’s actually quite the opposite. I love to watch movies! I believe that movies can also tell beautiful and meaningful tales. Using cinematography, they bring stories to life. However, I will never get tired of flipping the pages of a riveting novel. There is something about the in-depth look at the characters that will forever inspire me to read more. While I do enjoy watching movies, I’m definitely going to be reading the book first!

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Start the movie

Sophie Lawson – Why read the book when you can watch the movie?

A book tells a singular story in hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pages. A movie tells the same story in two hours. Who wants to be burdened with the prolonged process of waiting days or even weeks to reach page 160 for the story’s climax? Reading the book does heighten the suspense of what’s to come later, but how long is too long before you get bored and give up waiting?

A movie gives you a quick cinematic fix with the option to rewatch this motion picture as many times as you want, where you want. You can watch a movie in the comfort of your own home, at a movie theatre, or at a drive-in. You can customize your movie experience to fit you something you can’t do with a hard cover and stack of printed papers inside.

When you watch a movie, you are given visual references to the characters and the scenery. Books leave characters and scenery up for interpretation. Most of the time the expectations for a movie are heavily dependent on every detail the book includes.

If the movie alters something in some way, the movie gets a negative connotation attached to it. People will circulate on the internet and tear down details in the movie tarnishing its image. The movie didn’t have enough blank, blank’s clothes were a different color in the book, or blank had a dog, not a cat. These are some of the comments that although seem small are the difference between watching the movie and not watching it. Is it worth tarnishing months of filming and hard work just to say the book is better?

Reading the book is not a bad option it’s just a different way to comprehend a story. Depending on your personal preference some like the imagination and literature suspense a book provides whereas, others like the quick and action-packed feel of a movie. Both tell the same story, it’s about how you want to learn it.

Sitting down with friends and family and enjoying freshly popped popcorn while my eyes gazed at the movie screen is how I like to learn a story. Reading is great don’t get me wrong and I like to read now and then, but movies are for me.


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