Kenna McBean, the star

Kenna McBean, the star

Actors, especially at the high school level, are often characterized by the features that make them stand out. Formally known as a “typecast,” these traits can place a performer into a category, even if they don’t always identify with it: a peppy blonde might play a complete ditz, a buff athlete might play a nasty jock, and a short student might be destined to play a child for the rest of their career.

Regardless of the way they perform, a person’s “typecast” can often be their curse, as it limits them from expanding their horizons or taking on new opportunities.

With the versatility of a chameleon and an unbridled passion for storytelling, sophomore Kenna McBean has proven that nobody, not even her directors, can typecast her. Known for her bouncy curls and her pearly-white smile, McBean has a dark side that may only be relinquished through performance. She first emerged into the LFHS spotlight during the freshman/sophomore play, She Kills Monsters, portraying Tina, a peppy yet demonic cheerleader.

I have always loved stories and writing, and I think theatre and performing present many interesting opportunities for me to explore.

Given her appearance and demeanor, the young actress finds her ability to play evil quite comical.

“It’s definitely funny that some of my characters are so different from my personality,” McBean said. “But I think that makes it even more fun and challenging for me as an actor.”

A seasoned performer since fourth grade, McBean entered the high school with a unique desire to put herself out there. After participating in two shows her freshman year, she jumped into the deep end when auditioning for this year’s all-school fall play, Elephant’s Graveyard

McBean not only landed the role of Ballet Girl in a traditionally junior-senior heavy production, but she completely stole the show. 

The actress was able to implement a level of damage and deterioration to a character that is seemingly the image of purity. The play demanded honesty from McBean in a way she had never experienced before. 

McBean regards Elephant’s Graveyard as “one of her proudest theatre achievements so far”.

“[Ballet Girl] was a challenging role to play, and the show itself presented a deeper level of emotional depth for me as an actor,” she said. “After initially previewing the show, I was moved to tears, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of telling that story.”

Even though her “look” and her talent have proven to be quite useful already, McBean is still growing as both an actress and a storyteller. Regardless of where her career takes her, she hopes to implement the lifelong lessons she’s acquired from theatre and use them to her advantage beyond high school.

“I have always loved stories and writing, and I think theatre and performing present many interesting opportunities for me to explore. Regardless, the wonderful theatre community at LFHS is such a bright light in my life, and I’m so grateful for it.”


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