Gavin Hone

Gavin Hone

After losing his sophomore lacrosse season to a back injury and last year to the COVID pandemic, senior Gavin Hone could be excused for a dip in motivation. But those setbacks have only pushed him harder. 

A stress fracture in his spine ended his promising sophomore season. All the offseason work Gavin had put in with Lake Forest teammates and offseason would have to wait a year. 

However, there would not be a next year as the Covid-19 pandemic would also cancel his junior lacrosse season. Gavin seemed to be one of the few on the team who looked on the bright side and put forth all his effort towards the upcoming 2021 season, one more than 14 months away.

 Gavin and a few close friends started the Interact Club, which helps students find volunteer opportunities in their community. 

“Gavin is a down-to-earth person who works harder than anyone I know. Whether it’s lacrosse or school, he is always giving the task at hand 100% percent effort,” junior teammate Ben Winebrenner said.

When he is not working on lacrosse or eating Chipotle with friends, Gavin is posting high grade percentage in almost every class he enrolls in. 

“He’s been a great influence and inspires me to work through adversity and give everything my all. All this while being one of the funniest guys I know,” says senior Henry Pickus. 

On top of all this hard work, Gavin somehow still finds a way to make time for his friends. “Gavin is a friendly and infectious personality who makes it very easy to get along with. Such a great friend” senior Charlie Silver said.  

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