Sylvia Kollasch

If you don’t recognize her face, you may recognize her name on a Talent Show poster. 

If you don’t know her name, you may know her voice. 

If you don’t recognize her voice, you may just recognize her last name because of her father being an LFHS staff member.

Regardless, remember the name of junior Sylvia Kollasch, because it’s a name you just might hear on the radio in the future and see on your Spotify playlist. 

“Sylvia is such a talented singer and songwriter. I love watching her perform at shows. Her music can brighten up a room!” said junior Emily Liebelt. 

Kollasch is a member of the LFHS Foresters Choir and a part of the holiday choir, Madrigals. Her freshman and sophomore year, Kollasch was a part of the spring musicals “Beauty and the Beast” and “All Shook Up.” For the past few years, she has even gone on as a solo act for the LFHS Talent Show, absolutely taking the crowds breath away with her original songs. 

“Sylvia is the most talented person I have ever met. At first, I didn’t know how good she was because I had never heard her sing alone. Then, when I heard her songs that she wrote, I was blown away with her talent and songwriting abilities,” said sophomore Amelia Myers. 

Kollasch goes above and beyond with her music; she does not just sing covers, but she writes her own music. Currently, Kollasch is working on her own album, including some songs already published on her SoundCloud. Some of her beloved songs include “Sunset Hair,” and “Nothing Like You.” 

Kollasch has been writing songs for years, but in the past few years she has been partaking in the competitive songwriting program at Interlochen Center for the Arts, a nonprofit arts education institution in Michigan. 

“Her songwriting ability is crazy to me. I’m jealous of her as a singer and songwriter myself. But for her, it just comes so naturally. She was born gifted,” said junior Fiona Carroll. 

In addition to her incomparable musical talent, Kollasch is a truly kindhearted person to her friends.  

“She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She is so talented and passionate about music. I remember when I met her in Bel Cantos when we were freshman, we would have so much fun singing at country clubs together. And I loved sitting next to her every day in Foresters this year,” said junior Kacey Shalala. 

Kollasch radiates the kindness and talent everyone aspires to have. Her name will be a household name one day due to her songwriting and singing abilities, along with her good-natured personality. Remember her name, because soon enough, you will hear her angelic and soulful voice on the radio.

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