Mrs. Shelly Lindsey-Perera

Mrs. Shelly Lindsey-Perera

As high school students know, the school year can get very stressful and tough classes like math can add even more anxiety to a student’s day. Fortunately, teachers like Mrs. Shelly Lindsey-Perera help to make those days a little better.

Mrs. Lindsey has the utmost dedication to LFHS academics and has been a teacher here for 15 years where she has taught various math classes such as PCA, PSGH, AATH, and Differential Calculus. Mrs. Lindsey’s contributions to the school doesn’t stop at academics; she has also coached basketball and softball. Students continually praise her for her endless support throughout the year.

“I’ve had Mrs. Lindsey for the last two years and I’m never afraid to go in and ask for help,” said junior Olivia Witte.

Mrs. Lindsey is one teacher that you can tell has a passion to help students learn. She understands that students have a crazy workload and doesn’t stress if you forget one night of homework or are confused about the current unit. When difficulties arise in class, Mrs. Lindsey always makes sure to go over tough topics multiple times for her students to fully understand what they are learning.

“She’s always willing to put her students’ needs in front of everything else,” said Witte.

Mrs. Lindsey’s dedication to her students doesn’t go unnoticed by her fellow teachers. Math teacher Ms. Rupnick said, “Mrs. Lindsey has such a kind heart and anyone that interacts with her knows she comes from a really good place and is always doing what’s best for her students and colleagues.”

Most importantly, Mrs. Lindsey takes into consideration all of her students’ individual needs and strives to help them achieve their specific goals.

“Mrs. Lindsey is very caring, patient, and it’s very obvious that she cares about all of her students,” said Mr. Wilhelm.

Whether you get a chance to have her as a teacher or just talk to her in the MRC, Mrs. Lindsey is one teacher who will be sure to support you throughout your time at LFHS.


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