Sophie Gambit

Athletic, smart, friendly, loyal, hilarious — Sophie Gambit is the epitome of an exceptional Scout.

Whether you spend your Wednesday nights at CROYA, attend field hockey or lacrosse games, or are enrolled in various AP courses, there is no doubt you will run across the positive, happy-go-lucky junior.

It isn’t the fact that she’s junior captain of a State-Runner up field hockey team, nor the fact that she’s heavily gifted in the classroom that makes her superb person. Her constant hard work, big heart and ability to impact others lives by just being present, that makes her stand out among others.

Longtime friend junior Carmel Hickey has known her since her sophomore year.

“She has shown her loyalty throughout. I admire her in so many ways: her determination, her constant optimism, and especially her ability to make friends with everyone she meets,” said Hickey.

Gambit has also built a long-lasting connection with many of her teammates.

“She’s always been my go-to-person about everything, and I can always count on her on and off the field,” said senior Marley Heitman.

Gambit puts others before herself and lends a helping hand to whomever is in need.

Her contagious laugh bounces off walls. She has  countless jokes that draw tears of laughter to people’s eyes.

“Sophie is one of the most well rounded people I know. She’s kind, athletic, smart and so much more. This year during field hockey she has been the absolute best friend. I can go to her with absolutely anything! She’s an amazing field hockey player and an amazing human,” said senior Julia Hender.

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