Canceled Committee Dance may return next year

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Canceled Committee Dance may return next year

Ava Manellis, Staff Writer

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The Committee Dance, an annual December tradition, was canceled this year, and students have been buzzing about the reason.

Contrary to some rumors, the dance was not canceled because a school messed up last year or didn’t pay for the dance this year, said Mrs. Pasquella, a former officer of the Committee board.

“This year, the officers of the Committee Dance made the difficult decision to take a year off and reevaluate the dance and whether or not it should continue,” Pasquella said.

The dance is a private event and “not affiliated with any school,” she said.

“The purpose of the dance is to bring together young people from the north shore and the city to give them a chance to meet at a formal, social event,” she said.

Students are disappointed with the decision. Senior Jacqueline Schlosser called the dance “the highlight of her December” last year.

“It’s kind of like a right of passage is ripped out from underneath us. One day we were all dandy and excited to go and the next day it’s like a piece of me has gone…,” senior Kellie Jean Camardo said.

Junior Halle Douglass was hoping to go to Committee for the first time this year.

“I think it would’ve been fun for seniors and juniors to have a dance together and to meet people from other schools,” she said.

But junior Lexie Conley said she “doesn’t really care because we still have prom.”

But have no fear, the board is hoping to bring the dance back next year.

“It is a work in progress and we are hoping to bring the Committee Dance and all it’s holiday splendor back in 2019,” Mrs. Pasquella said.