Finding the best: fast food fries

Staff writers Sascha Robb, Luca Ferrailoi, and Zoe Frentzas try to find the best fries around. Their verdict?

Chic Fil A: 

Perfectly crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. These waffle fries were perfectly salted and had a great surface area. 


Our rating says it all, a high 9.25. Amazing all around. The thin cut, crispy and saltiness made for the best french fries we had.  


Imagine biting into warm crispy cardboard, KFC’s fries were exactly that. These fries were absolutely inedible, you would spit them out too. 

Burger King: 

Similar to McDonalds, but these are made thick. These fries were hard to eat without ketchup as they didn’t have much flavor. 


These crinkle fries didn’t really do much for us. Some of the fries in this batch didn’t seem to be fully cooked and tasted like we were just biting into an uncooked potato.