Are You Addicted to TikTok?

Lulu Flavin and Chloe York

Recently we found ourselves in a TikTok addiction. We would click on the app in any moment of boredom or even small free time. 

We found ourselves “doom scrolling” into this never ending pit of content that would give us a new video every fifteen seconds. We thought, there is no way this can be good for our attention span. 

So we both decided to take action and just delete it. 

After a couple honest redownloads and some talk between each other, we decided to give it up for good. 

But we didn’t want to end here, so we decided to ask some of our fellow scouts and see if they feel the same way and would ever indulge in our challenge. 

Sophomore Cogan Manley, said that if he deleted TikTok his “grades would go up” and he could “get his homework done.” 

He attempted to try our challenge but then quickly redownloaded in his next period study hall. 

“I would say I have an addiction to TikTok, I always find gym and cooking videos on my for you page, it’s so entertaining,” he said.  

The For You Page feeds you videos that make you want to keep scrolling, which creates the mindset of “just one more video…” 

But then an hour later we always find ourselves in the same spot watching TikToks. 

“When I’m doing my homework, I tell myself I’m taking a five minute break but I always end up scrolling for more like 20 minutes.. and it feels like only two minutes have gone by,” sophomore Cate Lee said. 

Lee has been a user since the day the now popular social media platform switched from Musically to the now infamous ‘Tiktok’. 

She would love to participate in our challenge but since the app has become one of the most prominent forms of communication, it has become significantly more difficult to part with it. 

How else would we keep up with our friends’ lives? 

“I really want to, because I feel like it would make me so much more productive, but at the same time, I feel like I would be missing out on so much stuff, since it’s such a main form of social media now,” Lee said.

It’s been a month since we deleted the app and we both discovered something remarkable, we were both able to finish movies, like without stopping to go on our phones. 

It’s a Tiktok cleansing miracle! 

It’s a well-known fact that TikTok drastically affects your attention span, but are people as aware as they should be? 

“I would say it has affected my attention span because the TikTok videos are so short that when I watch other longer things it feels extremely long and dragged on when comparing it to TikTok,” senior Annie Swift said.

Manley joked that his addiction has had physical effects of his life.

“Every five minutes I need to watch a TikTok or I start itching,” he said.

The hardest part is the first step, deleting the app.

“Maybe once I’m older I will grow out of it,” Swift said. So we guess the Scouts won’t be saying bye to the highly addictive app any time soon. 

This answer remains the same with many of our fellow scouts.  I mean we know the effects of TikTok, yet many of us cannot bring ourselves to click the dreaded delete button. 

“I would delete it because I don’t know how much time it consumes… but then I probably would redownload it the next day,” junior Teddy Huddlestun said. 

TikTok has integrated itself into our daily lives, and it’s pretty hard to cut something like that totally out.

We only lasted a month before we needed to redownload it, and I’m pretty sure I’m already falling back into the cycle. Yikes! 

We think it’s a pretty good idea that we all participate in TikTok cleanse. Who’s up for the Challenge? 

But, since you have the App, you might as well check out some of the Scouts TikToks!