Winter Fashion Trends


Ashley Sobolewski, Staff Writer

If there’s one thing we can say about this past year’s winter fashion trends, it’s that they were created to brighten one’s mood. 

Many fashion designers around the world react incredibly fast to new trends, which makes many intrigued to follow the rapid chain of new interests. As we approach winter, we get introduced to vintage-inspired comebacks, eye-catching prints, and a variety of colors through clothes that keep you warm and styled. 

With relentless options, a variety of modes, and so much to explore, winter fashion starts with deciding on what trend to begin with. 

Geometry Class: 

Bold colors, bold style, different shapes and patterns, so much fun to add to your wardrobe. 

They battle many outfits asking for plain underclothing, but they will create a beautiful sense of style and class to your neutrality. Geometry style not only lies in thick coats, but it also may come in sets of dressy pants and a blazer coat conjoining the pattern. 

Style Leggings

From different styles to different colors and designs, leggings can satisfy your everyday comfort with no problem. 

As pictured below leggings come with leather material as well, along with different printed flare leggings to spice up any outfit you choose to wear. Leggings now have class AND comfort, I am absolutely stunned. 

A Blazer Can’t Hurt

On a cold evening, you cannot go wrong with an oversized blazer coat. They are guaranteed to keep you warm and give you a dashing feel.

 Blazer coats are known to make you feel like a million dollars, from the elegance and sophistication they bring. With a variety of colors and materials, your winter wardrobe is calling. 

Weather for Leather

From the dresses to pants, to jackets, leading up to shirts and boots, winter is the prime time to embrace all of it. The quality of each piece of clothing happens to never fail through style nor over wearing. Throw any leather item to any outfit, and you have yourself urbanity and grace. The weather for leather never fails to satisfy. 

Trending Fur

Fur coats have always been around, but they’ve only advanced in style and color variety. Minorities have been on a yearly hunt for the perfect fur jacket, while the majority are about to bring out their furry coats and admire their beauty before they get the chance to wear it. Considering warmth, and trending charm, these coats are a must this season. 

Shimmer Casualty

Though shiny and sparkly clothing is typically reserved for evening events the styling and runway tips have convinced us otherwise. 

As this trend has expanded, society began pairing shimmer with casual which made a great daytime outfit to excite errands. To elevate the look, many style shiny clothing with trench coats and blazers. 

This fall is bringing winter faster than many expected, but our 2021 fashion trends are in no delay. From warmth to style, this year’s trends have combined them both in an upscale manner. 

Though many trends carried over this year, clothing expands in a variety of ways as the year circles back in season. Therefore, to spread the word, winter is right around the corner with style and class.