How to find the right college roommate


Emma Kelly, Staff Writer

Seniors who have mailed that first deposit to their dream college should feel a huge weight lifted off their shoulders. But just when they think all the exhausting work is over, another stressful factor comes into play: finding a roommate.

Whether it’s creating picture collages of themselves to post on Facebook or tweaking their Instagram’s to perfection, seniors, especially girls, are bending over backwards to find the ideal roommate.

“I found my roommate through Facebook. Once I finished picking and editing all of my favorite pictures and writing what I wanted to say, it was smooth sailing,” said senior Lily Fitzgerald, who is planning to attend College of Charleston in the fall. “The process was definitely weird though, it felt like I was online shopping. You’re scrolling through different people on a website and picking which ones you like the best.”

While finding the right roommate can be stressful, it might be easier to find the right roommate than ever before. Thanks to social media, there are various resources that can help everyone find the person they connect with most.

“I found my roommate through the Schools App where students are able to post about themselves and message people to find someone that works well for them,” said senior Sarah Newtown, who will attend University of Dayton in the fall. “I thought it was an easy and fun process to be able to meet new people and find friends along the way before starting school in the fall.”

Depending on where you are planning to go next year, each college has their own method for finding roommates, so there are a few different options. Here are some of the most common:

One option to find a roommate is to go through the Schools App. Each school has its own chat with incoming freshman only. Once added, students can post a short biography about themselves and others can like and comment back to you. You  can also create group chats with certain students to make friends or even a study group.

Group Me is another app that lets you find roommates, and even friends. With this app you can make group chats, or just reach out to people individually, by typing in any phone number. The amount of people in the chat is unlimited, so this is a great way to make lots of friends. Group Me also works with people who do not have smartphones.

The most familiar way to find roommates is by Facebook. Typically, each college has its own page that you have to request to be in. After being reviewed and accepted, you will have access to a page with only incoming freshman on it. Students usually post a biography about themselves along with stating their other forms of social media for further contact. The benefit of Facebook is that people post photos in addition to their bio, which helps get to get a better understanding for what that person is like.

Instagram is another popular form of social media that helps students connect with each other. Colleges have their own Instagram account where they receive direct messages from incoming freshman who are in need of help finding a roommate. The DM’s include 1-10 pictures that will be posted and a short paragraph about yourself as the caption to go with it. The followers of these accounts can browse through and contact anyone they want to room with.

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of these options or feel pressured to put yourself out there, colleges offer a random option. That is, colleges have you take a quiz to see your personality, and then match you with someone random who you are most like.